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MEYOU is a the block chain tool for social platform and live broadcast platforms. It is a block chain integrated solution. Meyou re-defines the relationship between people and people through the block chain and establishes a complete social ecology.
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The cross-chain contract is a unique innovation of MEYOU, which was implemented based on Ethereum at the early stage. Through the cross-chain contract design, Meyou can run on any public chain. After the MEYOU main chain goes online, MeLive will migrate to MEYOU Eco, compatible with other public chains at the same time.



MEYOU's contract engine includes the contract generator and the cross-chain protocol. Through the contract engine, the smart contract is easy to generate, easy to dock, and easy to implement. And can accept the transmission of the value of different public chains.

Dapp Store

All Dapps will be showcased in the market. When a user needs to use a Dapp, they simply need to get it from the market. The MEYOU Market is the most important part of the Eco Friendly ecosystem.

Honey Badger


Honey Badger proceeds in epochs, with a new batch of transactions appended to the (shared) committed log at the end of each epoch. In each epoch, nodes choose a subset of the transactions in their input buffer and provide them as input to a randomized agreement protocol. At the end of the agreement protocol, the final set of transactions for the epoch is chosen.

Potential Dapp

based on MEYOU

MEYOU Dapp Store
MeYou is the first blockchain that uses live broadcast interface to play games with the host. It is an innovative live-game based on e-commerce model and it allows users to have fun while interacting with the host's game as well as gaining discounts commodities. There are a lot of games for users to enjoy.
Vertical Fans
Fans can earn rewards by interacting with the host through games. Fans can get a discount coupon as a reward. The host will be able to choose the goods for the players in the Meyou e-market. Players can use to win discount vouchers from the hosts to purchase more goods.
Decentralized Cooperation continues as an evolving concept located at the intersection of its two parent fields. At this intersection supported with a fusion of experiences, resources and ideas will redefine technology. UNDP defines Decentralized Cooperation as "a long-term partnership between communities in different cities or towns and as a mechanism for establishing a novel "partnership" modality.
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MEYOU MileStone

The MileStone

and Progress

MeLive DAPP+Dapp Store

The Demo of Mehuo Dapp is based on Ethereum and will be transfered to MeYou Chain.

Smart Contract Engine

The MEYOU smart contract was implemented through a contract engine to achieve cross-linking. The contract engine was developed synchronously with MiHuo, and will be officially launched on August 1, 2018.

MEYOU BlockChain

MEYOU's main chain will be on-line in December 2018. MEYOU's main chain includes the side chain protocol and the main chain.

MEYOU Ecology

After the completion of the development of MEYOU's main chain, we will further improve our Eco system on the basis of our previous work. It is expected that the eco-friendly ecosystem will be completed in September 2019.
2017 Q1
MeYou Preperation
The MeYou project was set up and the white paper was published and published.
2017 Q2
MELIVE application development
DAPP Android version and iOS version began to develop.
2017 Q3
MELIVE application testing
DAPP public testing for users
2017 Q4
MEYOU official website construction
Website completion and on-line application
2018 Q1
MeYou community construction
Promoting MeYou globally, redefining social networking perspectives, and building operational teams for the MeYou community
2018 Q2
global road show
The MeYou project started twenty roadshow activities worldwide.
2018 Q3
Start private placement, MELIVE Online
MeYou project officially began in August 28th and MELIVE platform online.
2018 Q4
Listing exchange
The exchange will be launched from November to December.
Our Team
Meet with MEYOU Team
Our Advisor
Consulting Team
Hua Lei

Talenta founder of Singapore, has helped many blockchain projects successfully complete ico. She has rich experience in community operation, management and development of projects around the world.


Serial entrepreneur and angel investor whom brought world of warcraft to China.He has many successful careers in China.

Yi Hua

Automation major of Beijing University of aeronautics and astronautics, master of business administration in university of Hong Kong. He has more than 10 years of senior management experience in many famous multinational companies, listed companies and financial investment institutions

Yi Chen

13 years of experience in media industry, worked for CCTV lead the copyright team to be responsible for the introduction of domestic and foreign drama and new media distribution.

Silicon Valley
Hong Kong
New York
Taiwan private placement starts
Taiwan private placement starts
Cruise party
"Ideal In China" Cruise Festival - Shanghai Station Theme Event 30 June at 16th Shop Pier, Second Road, Zhongshan
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